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The cost of renting housing in the prestigious area of Dubai Marina decreased by 12%

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, rents for apartments and villas in just three months from July to September fell 12% compared to the same period in 2019.

Superior Range Repair - FIXIT

Superior Range Repair - FIXIT

Real estate company Core said in a report that studios in Dubai Marina now cost AED 44,000 a year on average, down about AED 10,000 from rent a few years ago. Accommodation in a one-bedroom apartment will cost around AED 60,000 per year, AED 89,500 for two bedrooms and AED 135,000 for three bedrooms.

Dubai Marina
Dubai Marina

A four-bedroom duplex, although not large, will cost tenants around AED 175,000. And to get an extra room, you have to spend about 350,000 dirhams per year on a luxury apartment or villa with five bedrooms.

There are more than 300 skyscrapers in Dubai Marina, including 23 hotels, as well as a seven-story dining complex and 170 stores, about ten medical clinics and centers, a marina with many shops and restaurants, banks, pharmacies and supermarkets, a free beach, playgrounds , the Skydive Dubai Air Club and the four-story Marina Mall. Dubai Marina is also suitable for those with pets, and there is a dedicated area for walking dogs.

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